Proof that Technorati is useless?

August 26, 2005 § Leave a comment

It is interesting that even as I struggle to use technorati for pingbacks and trackbacks, I find this article by Jason Kottke showing detailed evidence that when it comes to his blog, Technorati is mostly inaccurate (and at best), slow.

After a year of trying to get it to work reliably, Mr. Kottke has decided to remove the engine.

As you will get to know, Vibe Technology is driven by the view that the concepts of keywords, categories and taxonomies are fundamentally flawed and in need of augmenting. However, *some* form of classification is needed to start the path of matching information to request.

It’s tough to anecdotally convince a company boasting 14 million… whatevers… that they are doing things incorrectly, but when a competent developer spends this much time systematically proving that nearly NONE of his pages get served in a timely manner… Well, let’s just say that’s a pretty strong indication something’s broken.Jason recommends PubSub and IceRocket as alternatives.



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