Theme Switcher Allows Users to Change VibeTalk

May 25, 2006 § 2 Comments

When you login, you will notice a new control block in the sidebar today, courtesy of Theme Switcher by Ryan Boren at WordPress.

Looking for Beta Testers

Higher-level / beta testers will see more theme options than casual users. For the technically-minded, I have modified theme switcher and each published theme to have levels which match the user levels set with the User Levels plugin. Beta themes will show in the list for anyone who is level 2 or greater.

If you are interested in helping test new themes, please send an email to requesting access.

Currently, the setting for your preference is stored on our server as a “cookie”. Until we switch the code to store preferences by username, you will need to set this value on a per-machine basis. That means multiple users on the same machine will get the same theme…

You can subscribe to any comments or the RSS feed to get a notification about updates.

About Theme Differences

While we have spent many hours standardizing theme functions, you may notice subtle (and some not-so-subtle) differences in themes as you work. Some themes have detailed information or do a better job at hiding the presence of articles you cannot see (due to permissions level), etc.

For example, some themes show a complete count of articles in category or archive listings, even though your user permissions do not allow you to see those posts. When clicking the ‘Testing’ category link, a level 0 user would receive a note that says the article cannot be found.

As we add themes, we will work to normalize their behavior so that they are more consistent. Please let us know if you have a problem or request at

About Browser Differences

Many of the features of this site rely on the latest in browser and web technology. You will hear terms like “Web 2.0”, “Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)”, “CSS2”, “AJAX” and more. Today, not all browsers behave the same and with our more advanced features, you may find… some quirkiness.

Please report any issues to and we will work quickly to fix them!

Closing Notes

Keep an eye out (hint: subscribe to “VibeTalk” and/or “Education” categories) for helpful tutorials and changes to the site.


§ 2 Responses to Theme Switcher Allows Users to Change VibeTalk

  • Added an “About Browser Differences” section due to bugs caught today on Internet Explorer 6. Changing default theme to Simple White for new users for now.

    Bug 1: Comments block is drawn incorrectly when using White Shadow 1 or Black Shadow themes in IE6
    (click thumbnails for screenshots)
    ffcomments.jpg ie6comments.jpg
    Bug 2: Navigation bar is far to the right of the header when using White Shadow 1 theme in IE6
    (click thumbnails for screenshots)
    ie6menubar.jpg ffmenubar.jpg
  • Bug #2 is fixed. Changing default theme back the White Shadow.

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