Help Documents Updated!

May 28, 2006 § 1 Comment

In the Help and Support section, you can now find updates and step-by-step guides grouped into the VibeTalk Site Guide and set of How-To Guides. Although this section is still in development, take a look and see if the documents help you get started.

VibeTalk Site Guide

This guide is a collection of web pages organized as the chapters of a help manual. As we expand the site and add functionality, look for usage information here.

How-To Guides

In linking complex technologies and providing prerequisite connectivity for Vibe Technology MoodSense™ we’ve learned a few things. We thought it might be useful to share lessons discovered. Look for tutorials and reference material here.

Please let us know at about questions or comments.

Some of the topics covered include

  1. Creating a new VibeTalk user
  2. Managing email subscriptions and other user settings
  3. Blogging primer
  4. Effective use of search engines

Visit the Help and Support page for more information.


§ One Response to Help Documents Updated!

  • I look forward to feedback on these documents for usability and to help me set priority of future documenation effort.

    If anyone thinks it would be easier, it is likely we will implement a voting process to allow each of you to indicate your interest level.

    Joseph J. Loew
    Chief Executive Officer

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