VibeTalk Email Up and Running

June 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

Subscriptions and Email Notifications

After much tinkering, email is … functional. Some of the changes involved adding what is called an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to our mail servers. SPF records are designed to promote anti-spamming practices and are promoted by OpenSPF. Interestingly, this doesn’t actually keep Vibe from sending unwanted emails, but that’s a subject for another day.

The repaired email system is still very disjointed and non-intuitive, but rest assured, a better system is underway. Please read the section below to see the “roadmap” for new email functionality.


Email Alerts and Events

With the new system users will be able to manage alerts that occur when

  • Any new post is created on VibeTalk
  • Chosen categories of posts or comments are created (e.g. changes to posts in “Media” or “System”)
  • Content changes of any page on VibeTalk or MyVibe occur (e.g. “notify me when this item changes”)
  • Saved searches match new content

For example, users subscribed to the “Maintenance” category would have received an email similar to the following:

System Announcement

June 11, 2006

Email services have been restored

An SPF record was added to facilitate email relay through Comcast and Yahoo mail servers.

This is an automated email to notify you of major system announcements for:

  • Vibe Technology Website
  • VibeTalk Blog
  • MyVibe Gallery

You may manage your subscriptions from your profile. To remove yourself from this list, click the link above, click “Subscriptions” and uncheck the “Maintenance” category.



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