Slimple Theme Added to VibeTalk

June 12, 2006 § 5 Comments

Simple White 3

A new theme called “Simple White 3” is available to registered users via the Theme Switcher. This new look is based on Slimple by Matt Mueller.

Some work still needs to be done to resize the tabs for long link names, but the overall appearance is professional and easy to read.

Most importantly, this theme is the beginning of our effort to incorporate more interactive web elements based on CSS2, AJAX and other dynamic web technolologies. Matt uses Flock components, so expect to the term “Flock” too…

🙂 (for more on Flock, visit their website).

Thanks, Matt!


§ 5 Responses to Slimple Theme Added to VibeTalk

  • thatmatt says:

    Thanks for choosing the theme, guys. Site looks interesting, though I’m not exactly sure I understand the concept (yet). Will let you all know the next time I release an update for Slimple, best of luck!

  • Joe says:

    Matt, you aren’t the first to wonder what the concept is about…
    Most of what you see in this site is really just a sandbox I’m building for future testing.

    A good place to start – Vibe Technology MoodSense™ Overview. It’s a draft and admittedly vague. If you’re interested in more detail, let me know.

    You are one of the first outside users to register, so please forgive the occasional downtime as we experiment. Feel free to use MyVibe to manage pics, etc. For now there is no limit on storage space. Thanks again for the theme – looking forward to updates!


  • thatmatt says:

    Read the overview, played around without uploading in the MyVibe area. I think I get it now, and sounds like a great idea. Ever thought about using something other than Gallery2, though? If you ever need any design help or anything just drop me a line and we can work something out.

  • Joe says:

    Yes, wouldn’t mind other options to consider… got any? I can send you a list of criteria, but any other equivilent customizable packages you know about?

  • thatmatt says:

    Joe, what’s your e-mail, I had a list of some decent options compiled for a guy a while back and if you send me your criteria I can hit you up with some other options.

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