Movies, Weather and Driving Directions on Your Cell Phone

June 26, 2006 § Leave a comment


Did you know Google provides a free SMS (text messaging) interface for most major cellular service providers? Yep.

By sending a message to 46645 (‘GOOGL’ on your phone pad), you can get movie listings, weather forecasts, driving directions and more. Since many service plans include free text messaging, you probably won’t have to pay anything for it!

Plans that do not include free SMS functions typically charge from 5-10¢ per message, which is still cheaper and faster than trying to surf the web over a phone.

How It Works

Let’s say you’re out and about when suddenly you think you’d like to go to the movies. Not wanting to navigate 777.FILM or find a local paper, you can get a quick list of movies near you by sending the following message to 46645 (substitute your zip code for 95008)

Movies 95008

In a few seconds you should get something like this (NOTE: This will most likely arrive in 2 or 3 messages due to size limitations of the system)

If you know the name of the movie you’d like to see, try this:

Movies cars 95008

For a 5-day weather forecast, try this:

Weather 95008

Pretty handy, eh?

More Information

What else can you do? Here’s the list from Google

  • Local Business Listings
  • Reverse Phonebook Lookup
  • Driving Directions
  • Stock Quotes
  • Word Dictionary
  • Word Language Translation
  • Froogle Product Price Search
  • City Lookup by Zip or Area Code
  • Calculator with Unit Conversion
  • Currency Conversion
  • Sports News

Google has a nifty simulator on their website that will let you try real searches to get practice before you begin. For details on the simulator and instructions for the other functions, please visit the following links.

Phone Simulator
SMS Tutorial


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