How to Subscribe to “Feeds”

July 28, 2006 § Leave a comment

[feed icons]

They are everywhere. “Subscribe to feed”. “RSS Feed”. If you look closely, you’ll see them all over the Internet. They are at the top and bottom of most of the VibeTalk pages.

You may even have clicked one, expecting to see a handy list of information. Instead, you get gibberish.

What are they???

“RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a web page formatted in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). It allows you to combine multiple sources into a single page for easy reading. With the help of feed reader application software, you can list and arrange this information in all sorts of ways.

The good news is that they truly are simple to use. If you want to get started quickly, you don’t even need to install an application.

How to Make RSS Work

There are dozens of well-known feed readers, but the easiest way to get started is to use an extension of a service you may already use. If you use Google or Yahoo, you can add feeds without doing anything special.

To add VibeTalk to your Google or Yahoo account, simply click either of the following “chicklets”

Here is what the Google reader looks like


(click thumbnail above to see larger image)

FeedBurner Service

To simplify the process of adding VibeTalk to your list of feeds, we’ve subscribed to FeedBurner, a feed aggregator. It’s a one-stop shop that allows users to combine multiple web pages into a single link. Look for more information on using FeedBurner in the next few days.

What are RSS2 and ATOM?
As it turns out, RSS is actually an older data format that is slowly being replaced by the newer RSS2 and ATOM formats. The new formats work essentially the same, tho. FeedBurner will take care of these differences for you, so don’t worry!


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