FeedBurner Service Added to VibeTalk

July 29, 2006 § Leave a comment

[FeedBurner logo]

VibeTalk RSS Feed

VibeTalk feeds are now being channeled through the FeedBurner service at http://feeds.feedburner.com/vibe.

This remarkable service allows users to easily subscribe to nearly all of the pages on VibeTalk with one link. If you like, you can also view the feed content on the FeedBurner site above without a feed reader – the pages are formatted quite nicely.

MyVibe RSS Feeds Coming Soon!

You can already subscribe to RSS feeds on MyVibe, but we’ll also be adding FeedBurner feeds each user’s MyVibe page. The format will be


For the uninitiated, this means you’ll be able to add a feed link to your photos on other sites, such as MySpace, within a feed reader application or on a portal such as Google.

Add Animated Ticker to Your Web Pages

Another nifty feature of FeedBurner is this ticker-style graphic that shows the last five entries on VibeTalk. If you can access the HTML, you can embed an image similar to the following into your favorite web pages.


More To Come

We will continue to add features from FeedBurner over time, so stay tuned.

If you’re interested in adding FeedBurner to your own site or just want to understand more about the way it works, you can find other FeedBurner users on del.icio.us. Click on the following links to find hundreds of users’ documentation on FeedBurner and RSS feeds.

del.icio.us Links


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