AjaxWP Added To VibeTalk

August 1, 2006 § 2 Comments

[AjaxWP logo]

Gianni Milanesi has put together a slick WordPress enhancement called AjaxWP that adds animation and AJAX lookup behavior as users switch between pages.

While we test this new plugin, you will only see cosmetic changes (a spinning graphic is displayed while the new page is loaded in the background).

If the testing is successful, we will tune the plugin for performance and begin to investigate more interesting page layouts. This may or may not replace BloxPress, but they can likely work together.

For a great example of what is possible, I encourage you to visit Gianni’s website and experiment with the controls at the top.

Many thanks to Gianni and the developers who created the underlying technologies!


§ 2 Responses to AjaxWP Added To VibeTalk

  • Joe says:

    NOTE: Not all available themes work exactly the same with AjaxWP. Some links (particularly those pointing to places in the same page) do not work. Please email us if you find anything broken.

  • AjaxWP is currently OFF for the default theme (Torn Rainbow). This is because the sidebar doesn’t get updated by the code and needs to switch between Featured Posts/Landing Pad/Possibly Related views.

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