New Themes Added

August 4, 2006 § 1 Comment

You may or may not have noticed the quiet slipstreaming of additional themes into VibeTalk. Subtle improvements have been made, and the default theme is now Blue Shadow.

In case you’re wondering, themes are one of the strengths of the new world of web design. Cascading Style Sheets and and “generalized” platforms like WordPress make it possible to instantly and completely switch the look-and-feel of a website.

You must login to see these options; registered users can now select from a total of five themes (beta users will see considerably more – let us know if you are interested in participating).

Using VibeTalk Themes

If you have previously selected a theme and are having display problems, be sure to clear your cache and cookie files (in FireFox press CTRL+SHIFT+Del; in IE 6 go to Tools\Internet Options\Delete Cookies).

[Blue Shadow] Blue Shadow
based on Bosco by Solostream Global Media
This is the default VibeTalk theme – a compact, professional layout with built-in links for DIGG and email.
[Black Shadow] Black Shadow
based on vSlider2 by iRui
This theme has collapsible posts and a good “breadcrumb” nav link at the top, similar to the breadcrumb in the MyVibe Gallery. The header is also randomly switched between two VibeTalk logos. This is a highly customized theme and the original look for the site.
[White Shadow 1] White Shadow
based on Tarski by Ben Eastaugh and Chris Johnson
This theme has no borders on the left and right and includes a list of recent posts with summaries in the footer. The authors spent considerable time modularizing this theme so that it “degrades gracefully” (meaning, it will upgrade well or keep its usefulness should no upgrades occur). This was the previous default theme.
[Simple White] Simple White 1
based on Simpla by Phu Ly
This theme is the smallest and downloads the fastest. Headers on posts stand out a bit more nicely than other themes.

Like Black Shadow, this one was modified significantly from the original as well.

[Simple White 3] Simple White 3
based on Slimple by Matt Mueller
This theme has excellent contrast and nicely designed icons for sidebar sections. It’s worth mentioning that Matt is the most responsive theme designer with which I’ve had the pleasure of working. I recommend enlisting his help on custom work (that is if you can pry him away from his studies! :-))

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