Crazy Egg: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

September 2, 2006 § 3 Comments




Crazy Egg Overview

As a regular reader of WordPress and related site posts, I watched with anticipation the Crazy Egg groundswell over the past several weeks (the WordPress dashboard keeps me pretty up-to-date with related info on the ‘net).

Because VibeTalk is still new and gets low circulation, we didn’t have much at stake in our selection. Crazy Egg seemed as good a place as any to start our search for a solid usage analysis product.

We took a first look at Crazy Egg last week as they rolled out their offering. The service provides an easy-to-use overlay that shows click counts or a “heatmap” on top of your actual web page. Subscription plans start at free and go up to $99 per month with site volume. The free service allows 5,000 visits per month for two web pages.

Setting Up the Service

As promised, Crazy Egg was easy to set up, and configured in minutes. Like nearly all of these services, setup requires that you insert a reference to a small bit of scripting provided by the company’s website.

Your site activity is viewed via the nicely designed dashboard.
(screenshot: Dashboard)


Once a test begins, only simple changes can be made via the Edit Site screen. There is no way to filter traffic to reduce testing noise.
(screenshot: Edit Site Screen)


When viewing the overlays and click reports, I encountered some sort of unbound script error. I suspect it could be related to the many automatic header scripts through WordPress plugins. While I did receive a quick initial response from support, they only promised to get back to me and I still have the problem. It didn’t appear to prevent me from getting reports.
(screenshot: Script Error)


Through the three available reporting mechanisms, it is a no-brainer to view where users are clicking. Unfortunately, there are no other useful views available.
(screenshot: Activity Overlay)


(screenshot: List Report)


(screenshot: Heatmap)



Sadly, this product turned out to be a total dud. It provides almost none of the basics of useful analysis. While you can compare test versions, there’s no way to view timing or relationship of entry to exit clicks. There’s no report for incoming links or any sense of unique visitors versus multiple clicks from the same visitor. You can’t even filter out your own clicks!

I really like the appearance of the overlays, but I have to wonder why these guys think this is a pay service. It’s more like a feature that would be included on a service.

We will continue to follow their progress, and I certainly hope to hear more good things. For now, I’m done with testing and removing their scripts. If you’re looking for more horsepower, read on to learn about MyBlogLog or Google Analytics.


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