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September 8, 2006 § Leave a comment

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New feature of VibeTalk Posts

When viewing a single post (as opposed to a list of several posts like you get on the main VibeTalk page), you will now see a section called “Possibly Related Posts”.

This feature comes courtesy of Alexander Malov & Mike Lu.’s Related Posts WordPress plug-in.

This highly-configurable plugin automatically searches for the words in a post’s title and displays the top 5 matches at the bottom of a post. It is possible to change the

  • number of related posts listed
  • keywords used in the search (uses title by default)
  • format of the results (e.g. include the first NN words of the content vs. title only)

Let us know what changes you’d like made, if any.

To see an example, view the screenshot below or… go to the bottom of this post!

(screenshot: Example post with related information)

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of automated research features yet to come for the site.

A Peek at the Future

If you really want to see where this is going, take a look at the latest Yahoo Messenger: they’ve implemented something called LiveWords to allow you to instantly search Yahoo for the words in your sentence.

(screenshot: Yahoo IM version 9 features “LiveWords”)

Some words have prebuilt definitions, so you’ll see a seperate lookup link for these.

Now imagine being able to search any source by highlight words on this site…


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