“Torn Rainbow”: New Look for VibeTalk!

September 9, 2006 § 2 Comments

New Default Theme Selected

Uh oh, the site layout has changed again! I think you’ll like this new look, based on another Solostream Global Media WordPress theme called Torn.

We’ve modified the layout a bit and renamed it slightly to reflect the pattern of our color-based themes. This one allows you to switch basic color schemes, on-the-fly!

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Besides being a cleaner layout, you will notice a few more features for the site:

  • de.lico.us Links
    For those of you not in “the know”, this is an excellent service that allows sharing of bookmarks.
  • Polling Functionality
    A few sample polls will randomly show in the rightmost sidebar. Look for another post on how we plan to use polling.
  • Control Panel in Header
    When moving between major areas of the site, you lose the ability to login/logout. This will be more of a problem as we add more functionality (hint: we have something major coming soon!). I think this new login layout is a bit less obtrusive too.

(screenshot: Torn Rainbow Theme)

Let’s Call It “BETA”

Hey, it works for Google! Seriously, the theme will still be undergoing much work, so please bear with little oddities. Call it progress.

NOTE: If you don’t see this new look, you need to delete your “cookies”. Firefox Users: press CTRL+SHIFT+Del
Internet Explorer: go to Tools/Options/Delete Cookies….


§ 2 Responses to “Torn Rainbow”: New Look for VibeTalk!

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