WordPress And Web Design Tutorials

October 9, 2006 § Leave a comment


Customizing WordPress Series

By popular demand, we will now feature an ongoing series based on our adventures adding and removing WordPress plug-ins for VibeTalk.

Our installments so far include

Why Do This? Why WordPress?

As CEO of Vibe Technology (read: Chief Enlightenment Officer), I’ve been watching our site traffic with great interest as we experiment with the Whatever Works™ business philosophy. As it turns out – most of our visitors are interested in “How To” information.

Having spent a year personally building the kind of company elements you tend to think of as overhead, I am keenly aware of the need.

This series consists of quick overviews and will be a bit more concise than the usual tutorial, but the plan is to roll these up into a “Top WordPress Customizations” feature at some point soon.

Now, if only I could find more people willing to save *me* time and money so I can focus on business.

Actually, I rather enjoy it – I hope you do too!



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