Anarchy Media Player 1.5 Adds YouTube Support

October 28, 2006 § 4 Comments

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New Version Includes Several New Features

Right on the heels of reviewing another WordPress plug-in called Viper Video Quicktags (Add YouTube To WordPress With Viper Plug-In) – and as luck would have it – I noticed that my good buddies over at An-Archos released a new version of my favorite media plug-in: Anarchy Media Player.

Anarchy brings together the work of several other open-source efforts to provide simplified music and video integration. Version 1.5 embeds (literally) the code from Viper to enable buttons for easier insertion of YouTube, Google Video and IFILM videos.

So, is it better than the two stars I gave Viper? Let’s see…

Using the Plug-In

Just like Viper, once enabling the plug-in you will see a few more buttons in the post editor:

[post editor]
(screenshot: WordPress Rich Text Editor)

These buttons are intended to shortcut the process of embedding video from “The Big Three” (I think that’s what I’ll call them now). You provide the ID, Anarchy adds the surrounding parameters.

[add youtube]
(screenshot: Add YouTube by ID)

The resulting code is in BBCode format (extra space added left of ‘youtube’):

[ youtube]IkEu-PdVlK0[/youtube]

And looks like this:

(embedded video: Lexus LS460 Parks Itself)

The advantage I hadn’t realized in reviewing Viper is that these buttons allow you to use the Rich Editor (which I don’t use). People often have difficulty embedding pure HTML tags because the Rich Editor “cleans” them up, deleting crucial pieces.

You also get buttons to directly embed Macromedia Director (DCR) and Shockwave (SWF) files, although who uses these anyway? 🙂

Other Supported Media

Anarchy supports several other file types and bundles two lightweight Flash players – one for Flash Video and one for MP3 files. The FLV player is from Jeroen Wijering (this is brand new in version 1.5.1 – see sidebar for a great story on this).

  • MP3 Audio (MP3)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Macromedia Flash Video (FLV)
  • Quicktime Movie (MOV)

You don’t get special buttons for these additional formats; support is provided via automatic conversion of anchors to the appropriate embedded player.

In some ways I find this method more useful than a button – just create a hyperlink and any recognized format is automatically wrapped in the appropriate code.

For example, to embed an MP3 file, just make an anchor (hypertext link), like this:

Nickelback - Figured You Out

Which results in this:

Nickelback – Figured You Out

This works exactly the same way for video files, providing some consistency between formats. You can also toggle the visibility of the actual download link by editing a parameter in the plug-in.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t allow dynamic changing of video sizes. You must configure playback parameters in the plug-in in the source code (this is a bit better in 1.5 because it’s a separate PHP file).

Configuration Options

Anarchy provides some basic configuration options and a couple thoughtful touches that make it stand out over other offerings.

  • Provides a replaceable “cover” graphic that shows the video playback frame without actually loading the video – the video is loaded after the user clicks the image
  • Gracefully displays a download graphic in place of the embedded movie if the Quicktime player is not installed on a users system
  • Attends to basic security by allowing the option to prevent the code from being executed from another location
  • Provides editable flags for video loop, autoplay
  • Provides color configuration, inline CSS formatting


VibeTalk Rating: [rate 4]

An-Archos does a great job pulling together several other authors’ work in a relatively seamless manner. The little design touches and super-responsive support make a big difference in the overall effectiveness.

For future releases, I would love to see a configuration panel in WordPress and more consistency for all video playback.

I give this plug-in 4 stars.


§ 4 Responses to Anarchy Media Player 1.5 Adds YouTube Support

  • Joe says:

    I forgot to mention that the player also supports the following additional formats via the automatic link behavior:

    MP4 (MP3 variant used by iTunes)
    M4V (MPEG-4 Video)
    M4A (MPEG-4 Audio Layer)
    M4B (MPEG-4 Audio Layer Bookmarkable File)
    3GP (AVI variant used for mobile phones) and
    ASF (Advanced Streaming Format).

  • Joe says:

    Unfortunately, the output of v1.5 for YouTube videos seems to be breaking the RSS feed, so we’ve rolled back to v1.0 for now…

    Working on the problem and hope to have it fixed shortly.

  • Joe says:

    After reloading all of the site plug-ins, and with a special patch from Zeug, everything works now.

    Version 1.5.1 is in effect!

    We’re still not totally sure what happened, but version 1.5.1 has been updated, should anyone else have this problem.

    Thanks, zeug!

  • […] So the 3.0 plugin is sprung from a comment I got with this link to Vibe Tech. This is great stuff here I sware!. The plugin comes from another amazing plugin from an-archos. Just to state, the an-archos plugin is awesome, and the only reason I am not telling people to just go use that is the fact that i have released a plugin already and I want to make sure people that are already using it can get the most and best quality out of what they are already working with. I hate leaving a product out there that isnt all it can be. […]

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