Mix And Edit Media Online With Jumpcut

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Create Movies From Video, Photo and Music

Adding to their frenzy of company purchases, Yahoo recently bought and is in the process of assimilating Jumpcut, a relative newcomer to the online video industry. Jumpcut differentiates itself from other contenders by offering a clever array of online editing tools for “mixing” video, music and photo files.

Manage Your Media

Whether it is actually shared code or just two companies with similar tastes, you can definitely see the Flickr effect in the Jumpcut interface. The Flash uploader and movie editor drag-n-drop features (ala Web 2.0 behavior) are top-notch and fun to use.

Upload Video, Photo and Audio

Despite a couple of minor glitches, uploading files was a snap. Users can choose between a fancy Flash-based uploader or simple HTML interface (the HTML progress indicator leaves something to be desired).

(screenshot: Flexible Upload Interface)

Users are permitted to upload files as large as 100 megabytes in any of the following formats:

  • Video: ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV
  • Audio: AAC, MP3, OGG, WAV
  • Image: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF

Jumpcut also supports direct import of photos from two other Yahoo companies, Flickr and Facebook.

When using the Flash uploader, you are reminded that uploading and converting files takes time.

Some one has a sense of humor… šŸ™‚

(screenshot: Humorous Patience Reminders)

One of the glitches using the Flash interface is that if the upload fails before you can close the tagging dialog, you aren’t notified and it continues with these patience reminders, ad nauseum, until you give up and close the window.

Organize Files With Tagging and Sets

Users can organize uploaded files into “sets” and use tags to facilitate movie making and sharing.  Jumpcut provides a handy set of video clips to create common opening/closing video sequences.

Create and Share A Movie

Now for the fun part – combining the uploaded files into a movie. When editing, users can choose from several gadgets and features:

  • 24 title effects
  • 28 overlay and transition effects
  • 7 pre-built styles

The editing interface allows easy access to insert any previously uploaded item in a frame-by-frame storyboard format.


(screenshot: Movie Editor Interface)

Search For and Mix Other Users’ Movies

Click on the Add section tab and search for shared movies to mix with your own.
While you can identify movies vs. photos by the little icon in the lower-left corner, one shortcoming of set management is that you are not able to preview items or view any sort of summary.

If you add other movies, you’ll notice that the author shows as a contributor in your movie overview page.

Sharing and Publishing

After saving your movie, share with other Jumpcut members, email links to anyone or publish on your own website with several options. In fact, here’s the movie I made: Big Sur by Sarah and Joe.

Share “Open” Movies With Groups

One promising feature that sets Jumpcut aside from YouTube and other similar services is the ability to encourage others to “mix” your movie by marking it as Open. Naturally, this should facilitate the community aspect of the site and promote the growth of like-minded groups.

Publish Movies to Your Website or Blog

Just like the Big Three (YouTube, Google, IFILM), users can share their finished movies through email or by embedding them into a web page. In addition to “embed” code, users can copy HTML for a URL link with an optional thumbnail image.

Here’s our movie, embedded –

Thumbnail Link:
Big Sur

Embedded Viewer:

To simplify web publishing even more, Jumpcut provides the ability to create blog and other entries directly for the following services:

  • Facebook
  • Blogger
  • MySpace
  • TypePad
  • WordPress
  • Atom Enabled
  • Blogger API
  • MetaWebLog API
  • Digg
  • del.icio.us

Just provide your connection information, which is stored for future use, and you can create entries of your movies in minutes.


(screenshot: Tools To Publish Movie On Your Website)


VibeTalk Rating:
[rate 5]

I have to say that Jumpcut is fun and addicting. The smart use of Web 2.0 UI tools and generous storage capacity point to the future of such services.

While I admit that most of the visual effects are novelties, the ease of use and user community “mixing” feature definitely takes amateur video publishing to the next level.

I give this service five stars!


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